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Funky Drunky Night

Funky Drunky Nights in Mayrhofen

created by Aron Matthews |

On 15th of March we are ready to perform our first live show - Aron Matthews with Band at Scotland Yard Pub in Mayrhofen!

It will be a small combina...

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British Apres Ski

The Place to be after SKI - The different Apres Ski

created by Scotland Yard Pub |

Scotland Yard Pub goes Apres Ski or lets also call it Apres Board. This winter doors open from 4 pm every day. The definition says Apres Ski is a soci...

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Jungle Jam - Scotland Yard Pub Mayrhofen

Jungle Jam, December 27th

created by Nightlife Mayrhofen |

DJs and producers Symian and ST/MK will transform the classic Scotland Yard Pub into a massive Jungle dance floor. Good vibes for Mayrhofen┬┤s...

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