The story of this unusual building began long before 1900 as Johann Kröll (nicknamed Schmalzer Honis) followed the call of the Great Gold Rush and travelled to make his fortune in Klondike, Alaska as a Gold Digger and Big Game Hunter. He was successful and on his return in 1905 he comissioned the master builder Johann Rauter-who, through his unusual buliding style had attracted much criticism, to build the „Turmvilla“.

From 1906-1966 the building was a guesthouse, although during the war was used to shelter refugee families and was later a hostel for workers building the power plant and reservoir in the Zillergrund.

In 1966 a completely different period began in the history of the building when the Mayrhofen Police moved their headquarters.

Many people can still remember the duty rooms on the ground floor and the cells in the cellar. (These cells were often used to contain drunks as they sobered up.) In 1985 Peter K was able to free the „Turmvilla“ from the hands of the law and after a refurbishment inside opened the SCOTLAND YARD PUB.

To this day Peter K. and his team endeavour to create an enjoyable atmosphere for the guests at the SCOTLAND YARD.

“We hope that you have a good evening and of course lots of fun!”